Services we offer

Token sale advisory

The token sale environment is rapidly evolving across new market use-cases, legal/regulatory changes, and technical advancements. Whether you’re considering a token sale, or already down the path of a launch, we have the skills and experience to help you build the best token product possible. Depending on what you need the most help in, we are at our core, technologists, and can either embed ourselves with your team to do heavy lifting operations and/or provide you a more a la carte service of strategic insights.

Product design

Product is in our DNA and having navigated the blockchain waters, we can work with your team to incorporate product insights unique to blockchain as well as the best UX / UI practices that we’ve seen across many projects.

  • Product ideation
  • Competitive product market research
  • UX & UI design

Token strategy

As early explorers in this space, we can guide you in maximizing the network effect of your token as we offer a unique perspective that comes from operating in the intersection between technology and economics.

  • Cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets market research
  • Token economics
  • Whitepaper crafting and editing
  • Project management
  • Treasury management

Business development

We’ve developed relationships with many influencers in the blockchain ecosystem ranging from  tech, financial, legal, marketing, etc. Let us help you form the right strategic partnerships.

  • Strategic partnerships
  • Exchange listings

Marketing strategy

While we may not be a marketing or PR agency, we’ll help you craft your marketing strategy with an emphasis on articulating your product vision to maximize buzz and community engagement.

  • Create engaging website
  • Community management
  • Public relations

Blockchain technology consulting

We provide our clients a comprehensive overview of the Blockchain landscape and assess which blockchain technologies can be implemented into our client’s use-cases. Blockchain has the potential to transform so many industries in a positive way and we’re excited to help you architect a solution that is both scalable and a delightful user-experience.

Strategic assessment

We have decades of enterprise consulting experience in modern front-end/back-end web frameworks having applied best practices to modern software projects. As a result, we can better evaluate whether the decentralized nature of blockchain fits into your use-case.

  • Fit/Gap analysis
  • Business impact
  • Feature estimating and project timeline

Blockchain solution design

Whether you need to entirely replace a legacy system or integrate with your existing services in a hybrid architecture, we can architect a custom solution that fits into the complexities of your organization.

  • Solution design documentation
  • Proof of concept prototypes
  • Project management

Blockchain development

We are partnered with several development shops which have an extensive team of front-end and back-end developers that specialize in:

  • Front-end frameworks and languages to fit with your stack - React, Angular, JavaScript, Python, Java, C++
  • Back-end frameworks - Node.js, Django
  • Blockchain Infrastructure and Dapp development: Solidity, Infura
  • Standard web services (SOAP, REST) as well as blockchain integrations
  • Smart contract programming

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